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Talent Television and Film Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Talent Television & Film Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company with national level A qualification in film and TV drama production. Its core business is to invest, produce and distribute films and TV dramas. In 2015, Talent successfully accomplished its IPO on the Growth Enterprise Market ( GEM), becoming the only one film and television that went public that year.


During its 10 years of development, Talent has kept expanding its business, containing many areas such as film and TV drama investment and production, artist management, ads production of film and TV drama, post production of film and TV drama, film distribution, TV variety shows investment and production, cinema chain investment and management, overseas distribution of film and TV drama, entertainment integrated marketing. And it continuously expands to other pan entertainment industry such as game, animation etc. Now Talent grows to be a model that covers the whole film and television industry chain as well as one of the leading domestic enterprises in film and television content production. 


Holding the idea of “being steady, doing the best” and the spirit of craftsmanship, Talent has produced many high quality, finely produced films and TV dramas that were deeply loved by the audience. Such as TV drama The Empress of China leaded by Fan Bingbing, film Skiptrace leaded by Jacky Chan, classic spy drama The Eternal Wave, The flowers and distsnt place which features the reclamation of wasteland by an army unit in Xinjiang, Legend of Baqing, the largest investment ever in Asian television production, annul hit dramas Nothing gold can stay and ER doctors etc. Among them, many works won the "five- one project" prize from the ministry of central publicity, achieving a win-win situation in terms of artistic quality and social benefits. And those works are widely praised in the industry.

Looking ahead, inheriting the traditional culture and carrying forward the national spirit will be Talent’s mission. Talent is committed to build itself as the most outstanding cultural and entertainment enterprise in China with its professional production level, rich cooperation experience, standardized market operation and persistent craftsman spirit.

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